(VIDEO) What Socialists Communes look like in Venezuela

Speaking Tour: What People’s Power looks like – a view from Venezuela
with Katrina Kozarek
From the Ataroa Socialist Commune and a long term activist in the Nacional Association of Community, Free and Alternative Media (ANMCLA).
Since 2006, in an effort to deepen and fortify the Bolivarian Revolution, Venezuela has begun to create a new geometry of power, where direct democracy and participation where the economic, social and political planification and decision making takes place from the grassroots level through communal councils, communes, communal cities and the possibility of a communal state. This has been an experiment in action in Venezuela that aims to bring the country to the point of no return towards a truly democratic and socialist future.
In this forum we will explore some experiences of this process of organization of popular power in Venezuela and what it means in the wake of the former President Chávez death, as the country, once again confronts economic, media and pyscological warfare from the Venezuela Right-Wing Opposition.
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