(PHOTOS) Venezuelan fascists use fake pictures on social media to generate chaos

04Fe12 2014
FAKE PICTURE: Far right opposition trying to portrait “violence” from the government against “peaceful protesters”.

Key events of February 12th  

In his remarks at the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of La Victoria, Aragua state, central Venezuela, President Maduro said that what is happening right now in Venezuela is an attempt of coup in development, while regretting the death of two Venezuelans and dozens wounded product of the violence unleashed by the far right in the country. 

The architects of these demonstrations are the leader of the party Voluntad popular (Popular Will), Leopoldo López, known in Venezuela for his links to the violence of the Venezuelan right, every time it does not achieve it’s objectives through elections. This time he blamed the government for the violence, even against all the evidence of small groups from the opposition causing chaos in Venezuela, through the obstruction of the streets, the damage to public buildings and killing people.

Congresswoman Maria Corina Machado and Metropolitan Mayor Antonio Ledezma are also part of the most visible face of recent events in Venezuela. They are currently trying to set fire to the country through a destabilization operation that they’ve called “La salida” (the exit), which seeks not to leave the streets until they achieve the fall of the government legitimately constituted of Nicolas Maduro, as expressed in their public statements. 

The media

Through its digital media several news networks and mainstream media companies have taken on the task of disseminating images that correspond to other countries or other situations in Venezuela in order to cause unrest in the opposing population to what would be the repression to de students by the national government, trying to magnify their protests and draw more people to the streets complaining.

01Fe12 2014
FAKE PICTURE: Far right opposition trying to portrait “violence” from the government against “peaceful protesters”.
02Fe12 2014
FAKE PICTURE: Far right opposition used a picture from a religious pilgrimage in order to show a supposed “massive support”.

The audio recording 

On the night of February 11th an audio was broadcasted on Venezuelan television. In this conversation between the former security chief of the ex-President Carlos Andrés Pérez, Iván Carratú Molina, and former ambassador to Venezuela in Colombia, Fernando Gerbasi. From the content of the concersatios it is inferable that opposition groups where going to sought to repeat a coup like the one occurred on April 11, 2002.

W must recall that at the time the opposition leader scheduled to kill people in a march against President Chávez, in order to use those deaths as an excuse to demand the resignation of the President.

However, a while after the coup, a video shown by a CNN reporter showed that the request made by part of the military high command that Chávez resign for being responsible for those deaths, was made before first dead was hit.

At the end of last night another death was confirm, while right win keep calling its people to take the streets during coming days.

By Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front 

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